Extreme Hit News!

9 05 2008

Hola! I have amazing news! I know we all love parties and this will be a


one! If we can get hits on our site in  a few weeks as much as Mike92 does in a day or so, we will have a


party! I need extreme hits on this site like no hits we have ever seen before!

If we can meet this deadline:

May 31st then and only then i will have the awesomeist party in Anamiley7 history! How about we shoot for ENTIRE CHEATS PARTY HISTORY?

What you get out of it: I will add everyone, and I never delete my buddies! If the penguins have websites than I will add them to my blogroll {as long as their site is real appropriate} for a whole week! That means total hits on your site! How does this sound so far? Well, I will also do a random drawing with all the penguins names that hang out with me on the party and 3 lucky winners will recieve a animated flashing gif with their name on it! Those are a few things that you will get out of it!

So I need


The invitation will come out soon if I see some





 Edit: Penguins have asked about how many hits, I said extreme hits to about 2,800-3,000!

Lets get up there! Remember the deadline:May 31st





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